The operational objectives are:

Medical Device

Objective 1

To map existing national and European instruments supporting Research & Innovation and the “idea-to-market” strategy; identify the similarities and dissimilarities between countries

Objective 2 

To build and validate a model describing the phases of maturation of innovation from research to commercialization

Objective 3 

To identify, from this model, gaps and barriers currently existing at all stages from research to market

Objective 4 

To propose solutions to overcome the identified gaps and barriers

Objective 5 

To find the best schemes for promoting synergies and collaborations with existing actions and infrastructures through a joint top-down and bottom-up process

Objective 6 

To road map the areas where European research and industry (including SMEs) can take a 2020 worldwide leadership role and to significantly increase the potential of the European SME leadership link with emerging and efficient Healthcare business models

Objective 7 

To disseminate the outcomes of the project to all actors involved in the process “idea-to-market”