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Working groups and roundtables

Group 1

Project Board : Niilo Saranummi

CIC-IT : Marlène Durand and Lionel Pazart

Experts : Helmut Hutten, Christian Nohr, Klaus-Hendrik Wolf, Lucian Gruionu and Stéphane Sphahni


Group 2

Project Board : Nicos Maglaverras, Youla Karavidopoulou and Eirini Lekka

CIC-IT : Claire Large and Frédéric Patat

Experts : Jos Vander Sloten, Tom Stahlberg, Birgit Glasmacher and Brane Leskosek


Group 3

Project Board : Norman Black

CIC-IT : Catherine Roussel and David Orlikowski

Experts : Bernardo Innocenti, Michaela Kauer, Roberta Marzella, Pablo Laguna, Vassilis Koutkias and Catherine Buron


Group 4

Project Board : Régis Beuscart and Jean-Louis Coatrieux

CIC-IT : Guy Carrault

Experts : Paul Turner, Dimitar Tcharaktchiev, Andre Kushniruk, Gerard Cybulski and Sunya-Lee Antoine


Group 5

Project Board : Reinhold Haux

CIC-IT : Frédéric Barbot and Philippe Cinquin

Experts : Elske Ammenwerth, Ivo Provaznik, Marie-Catherine Beuscart, Raquel Santos and Helena Arumi


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