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The Second Board Meeting in Brussels

The ITECH Board met in Brussels on 2nd June, 2015 to review the progress; consider the findings from questionnaires and interviews with stakeholders, prioritise the findings and, from the information, to plan the next steps.

The ITECH Project Coordinator, Prof. Régis Beuscart, gave and overview of the work completed to date and a summary of the results achieved, particularly in relation to WP 2.


The Project Manager, Chiara Strano, presented the periodic report submitted to the EU Commission covering the first 18 months of work. The Board noted that there had been no major deviations from the scheduled programme and that the project was on schedule.


The next phase of the project concerns WP 3 “Roadmapping and Recommendations” which has already begun with an outline plan having been agreed among the partners and additional information gathered from discussions with key stakeholders.

ITECH – Second Board Meeting Agenda

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