Presentation of the Project

This project aims at elaborating an European-wide strategic plan for Health Technologies with an objective of contributing to the Horizon 2020 Common EU Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation as outlined in the Europe 2020 strategy and the Innovation Union flagship initiative, focusing on the grand societal challenge. For this purpose, the cooperative project will gather EU and/or national federations and/or groups representative of researchers, engineers, physicians, industry and clinicians and hospitals as well as actors who have been involved in recent initiatives at national and regional levels in the innovation processes.

The work is divided into 4 major phases

Phase 1 

Leader: Régis Beuscart, INSERM

Start and end month: Month 1 to Month 30

WP1: Management

D1.1: Project Handbook

Phase 2 

Leader: Nicos Maglaveras, AUTH

Start and end month : Month 1 to Month 15

WP2: Mapping over Europe

Using the validated methodology this work package aims at describing the different steps necessary to transform a scientific idea into a commercialized product; identifying processes already in place, mapping of Health Authorities across Europe; identifying existing national instruments that support research and innovation; identifying the caps and opportunities in the commercialization of medical devices and E-Health applications.

D2.1: Methodology of the ITECH project

D2.2: Matrix per country

CURRENT STAGE : D.2.3: Collection of the matrices per country

D.2.4: Mapping over Europe

Phase 3 

Leader: Niilo Saranummi, VTT

Start and end month: Month 15 to Month 30

WP3: Road Mapping & Recommendations

From the results of the previous phase, a roadmap will be elaborated. Following on a strategic plan for “idea-to-market” process will be created with the special emphasis of making it usable by the different stakeholders.

D.3.1: Plan for the roadmap creation

D.3.2: Draft roadmap with propositions for gaps and barriers

D.3.3: Roadmap

D.3.4: Strategy plan addressing identified gaps and barriers

Phase 4

Leader: Norman Black, Ulster

Start and end month: Month 1 to Month 30

WP4: Dissemination

At the end of the project, a dissemination workshop will be organized and a final report will be prepared to broadcast the findings of the project and the recommendations to improve the “idea-to-market” mechanism.

D.4.1: Dissemination materials

D.4.2: Report on the first workshop

D.4.3: Report on the dissemination

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