CIC-IT Network

The Clinical Investigative Centres for Innovative Technology (CIC-IT) network


The Clinical Investigative Centres for Innovative Technology (CIC-IT) network, France, has been created in 2008 by the National Institute for Medical Research and Health (Inserm).

It is part of the global CIC frame. The 8 centres belonging to the CIC-IT network are all located in hospitals (Centres Hospitaliers Universitaires – CHU), right next to the clinical field of operations. They are open to every company or laboratory needing highly upstream counselling for their innovation project, technical tools adapted to their projects, and methodological support in their evaluation process. They all include world-known clinical teams who have a strong experience in national and international multi-centre studies.

The CIC-ITs are aimed at anticipating the overall process that will lead to the project success – including important aspects such as preliminary evaluation protocols, compliance with regulations and estimation of related costs. They also act as incubators in partnership with the technology parks. The CIC-ITs work on complementary topics.

Garches focuses on motor disability compensation devices, Bordeaux on biomaterials, Rennes on implantable cardiac prosthesis and monitoring systems, Grenoble on computer-assisted surgery, Besançon on microtechniques, Lille on topics related to eHealth, biosensors and usage (Human Factors), Tours on ultrasound and radiopharmaceuticals, Nancy on Magnetic Resonance Imaging. They respond to the need for positioning with regards to progressing topics, with promising perspectives.

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