Project Board

The Project Board

The project will be managed by the Project Board, which consists of the coordinator, the representatives of the partners of the project, one representative from each task force and one representative of EAMBES.



INSERM: Régis Beuscart and Jean-Louis Coatrieux

AUTH: Nicos Maglaveras, Youla Karavidopoulou and Eirini Lekka

VTT: Niilo Saranummi

University of Ulster: Norman Black


Task forces

CIBER-BBN member: Pablo Laguna

INSERM member: Chiara Strano

CIC-IT network member: Juliette Thong

HFE-HI member: Marie-Catherine Beuscart-Zéphir

EAMBES: Birgit Glasmacher

Representatives of the contact nodes: Reinhold Haux and Klaus Radermacher (Germany)


This Project Board will be responsible for the general organization of the project and for the follow-up and advancement of the different work packages. The Project Board will be in charge of the re-orientation of the project in case of problems, contact nodes failures, and any significant difficulties. The Project Board will be informed of the progress of the project by the coordinator and WP leaders, with various means of communication (phone meetings…) to avoid unnecessary travel, as much as possible.