First Board Meeting in France

Régis Beuscart welcomed each Partner and other colleagues to an ITECH Project meeting in Paris on the 13th of May 2014. He announced that two new members will join his team in France to work on the ITECH project; Juliette Thong was hired on the first of June 2014 as Communication manager and Chiara Strano on the first of Setpember as, Project Manager.

Youla Karavidopoulou, from AUTH, presented the results of the data collection. A survey was created and completed by each contact nodes either offline or online. A web platform has been developed for the occasion. Data will be collected in a uniform way, funding bodies and projects, from January to April 2014. The data will be validated and consolidated in due course and presented at the ITECH Workshop in Brussels.

Data was collected form 22 countries and included 255 funding bodies .The collaboration experience with contact nodes proved been positive: not only were experts interested but they had also gathered interesting data for this phase.

Régis Beuscart had also discussed the preparation of the report for the European Commission which will be discussed during the first ITECH workshop, in October 2014. At the Workshop the contact nodes will be commended for their work and a representative from the European Commission will be invited to attend. Logistics details were discussed to organize this workshop in the best possible condition.

The meeting ended opened questions and future actions plans.

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First Board Meeting – Agenda