First Workshop in Brussels



Thursday 16th and Friday 17th, October 2014, Brussels


The workshop was organised as an occasion of public debate between national experts and the ITECH Project Board, allowing an in-depth analysis of the results of the first year of the project and constitutes an important milestone in the course of the project.

The workshop was orderly structured in the form of round tables and plenary sessions. Round tables were composed by national experts, a member of the Project Board, as leader of the group, and a Member of the CIC-IT Network, as secretary. The tables were organised while trying to keep a balance between big and small, eastern and western countries as to have different situations and national contexts to analyse. The main aim was to foster discussion and comparative analysis on the data collected and to present them during the plenary sessions.

At the end of each session, the groups prepared and shared their ideas with a power point presentation made by the secretary of each table.

After the workshop, all presentation, notes and comments from participants of the round tables were collected. This material has been reorganised into two main parts:

Download :

First ITECH workshop – Agenda

Presentation of Régis Beuscart, 16 october 2014