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The official logo and website of the ITECH project

ITECH - Logo

The development of a common public identity for all public communication is essential. The website has been launched in December 2013 by the dissemination team, based in the University of Ulster. A project logo was agreed at the Inaugural meeting and is being used in all documents and publications of ITECH. It represents the 5 phases, in the “idea-to-market”.

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ITECH Project Kicks off with Inaugural Meeting

The Inaugural Meeting from 10 a.m to 5 p.m, took place in Sevilla, Spain. at the Melia Sevilla Hotel, on Saturday September 28th 2013, following on from the MEDICON conference. The meeting provided the opportunity for each participant to introduce themselves and to confirm their role in the Project.


Régis Beuscart and Jean-Louis Coatrieux, from INSERM, introduced the Project, its aims, the active participants including the four main partners along with the twenty four contact nodes and the different networks. The context of Health Technologies was explained based on a definition given by the French Ministry of Health. The Project will last for 30 months and will be organized into a series of work packages.

Norman Black outlined a number of options for the Project Logo and gave a presentation of different websites formats and visuals. The Partners agreed on the Logo and asked that a functional website be generated by December 2013.

Eirini Lekka, from AUTH, gave a presentation of the WP2 objectives, tasks and the expected deliverables. The importance of identifying stakeholders, key activities, outcomes, efficacy and indicators was agreed. It was further agreed that the aim should be to focus also on the perception of the experts and not only to gather data.

At the end of the Inagural meeting, several tasks were split amongst the Partners and an Agenda defined for 2014.

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