Third Board Meeting in France


The ITECH Partners participated in a meeting organized in Lille in the framework of the WP3 “Road mapping and recommendation”. The Partners agreed on a plan of work to complete the roadmap and prepare the recommendations that will be part of the Deliverable 3.3 “Roadmap”.
This workshop follows the meeting held in June 2nd 2015 in Brusssels which main result has been to rank the 61 issues identified during the analysis of the 12 gaps into four priority groups based upon two criteria: Relevance and Response time. As a result priority groups 1 and 2 contain the highly relevant issues, priority group 3 contains those issues that are determined to have a higher impact uncertainty or low relevance profile demanding more careful assessment, and group 4 comprises of issues that were considered to be inappropriate or irrelevant in the context of the ITECH project.
At the end of the meeting the board selected the issues (and actions) that will be roadmapped.

This resulted in seven (7) issues in need of actions. For four (4) of these roadmaps will be generated. These are:
eHealth taxonomy as there is no widely accepted taxonomy for this innovative growth area;
Education and training as that is the prerequisite for successful projects in Health Technologies; and
Clinical trials as in addition to products being safe they must also be effective.
Adoption space and Human Factors Engineering (HFE) as the pathway from Idea-to-Market is complex and the development process needs to be focused on identified user needs;

For the remaining three (3) issues a roadmap was not considered necessary as these issues are already included into the Medical Device Directive Reform (MDR). These are:
• Health Technology Assessment,
• Post-market surveillance and
• Regulatory process.

The roadmaps will be analyzed and validated by the contact nodes during the 2nd ITECH workshop on the 26-27th November 2015.

A draft agenda for the workshop has been also decided:

On Thursday the meeting will start at 9 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. and will be given over to a full discussion on the proposed ITECH Roadmap. On Friday the session of work will last from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the participation of industrials and industrial syndicates for a broader discussion and validation of the most important recommendations to be transmitted to the Commission.

Board Meeting – Agenda